In light of recent events, Southwest Sask. Pride took the time to come together to write some letters.

These written addresses were directed towards Premier Scott Moe, Swift Current MLA Everett Hindley, and other Sask. MLA's, and even MP Jeremy Patzer. The main topic was the controversial and divisive nature of Bill 137. 

Bill 137 requires parental consent for students under 16 trying to change their names or pronouns, while at school. For SWSP and other pride groups, this bill is problematic as they see kids already on the fringe being marginalized and stripped of possible support at school.

One of the members from SWSP who was writing letters at last Friday's event was Theo Houghtaling. He was joined by other concerned SWSP members, all of whom took the time to express their concerns and their disappointment. 

"It really restricted the youth in the province in terms of how they identify at school and put teachers in this really awkward position as well," said Houghtaling. "Where they were choosing between outing a student to a potentially unsupportive household or potentially risking their careers."

Not every letter penned was about Bill 137, or addressed to government officials. Some of the letters sent out were thanking supportive parts of the community and organizations that have continued to stand by the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Another major concern with Bill 137 is it also turns sexual health education into a parent's prerogative while prohibiting third-party involvement. 

"Sask. has really bad STI rates right now," said Houghtaling. "Reducing sexual education right now seems pretty counterintuitive to trying to take a proactive approach to that issue."

As of 2019, chlamydia cases in Sask saw 5.16.2 people per 100,000 being infected. This number was ahead of Alberta's 417.1 per 100,000, while behind the final prairie province, Manitoba, which was at 601 per 100,000.

In order to have their concerns seen, writing letters to members of government was their peaceful solution before any more active protests occur. 

"We're definitely looking at that, especially as we approach Pride in Swift Current, which is in July," said Houghtaling. "We have asked that anyone who participates in our Pride events this year, be they sponsors or facilitators or other participants, that they all do something to voice their own disapproval of this policy."

Following in step with other Saks. based pride groups, SWFSP has barred any members of the Sask Party from attending their events until this matter is resolved.