SCCHS recently announced the winners of this year's Athletic Awards, with more than 70 awards given out to grade 10 to 12 students who exemplified different qualities in their sports throughout the school year. 

Olami Akainfiresoye and Hasit Desai received the Outstanding Graduating Athlete of the Year Award for their athletic ability in two or more sports in which they've excelled.

The Major Athletic Award was awarded to athletes who accumulated 150 - 224 points; Elijah Siemens with 179 points in football, basketball, and track and field, Derric Dulatre with 157 points in football, basketball, and track, and Dani Meyer with 150 points from soccer, basketball, and track.

40 individuals achieved the Minor Athletic Award by accumulating somewhere between 75 and 149 points throughout their athletic careers.

Elijah Siemens and Amara Gatzke were awarded the Athletic Leadership Awards, exhibiting dedication, dignity, sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork.

The TED Award, for teamwork, effort, and dedication was awarded to 24 students who embodied those characteristics, including Colter Folk and Isabelle Gottselig in cross country, Michael Liu and Nalani Chan for badminton, and Marcus Manalo on the senior Colts volleyball B Team.

The 25 Comp students who won provincial medals in their sport were also recognized, including gold medalists Kyler Duclos, Emily McCleary, Karlson Orthner, and Olami Akinfiresoye. 

The Honour Athletic Award and All-Academic Team Awards were not awarded this year.